Using location data to show a route taken


I have time based data for the location of an item, that I'd like to visualise as a sort of "route map", i.e. a sequnece of lines joining the various location points as traversed in time series order.

Maybe I'm missing a simple detial, but is this possible with kibana or other tool in the Elastic Stack?

Thanks, KM

You can use geo-line aggregation to combine individual points into lines.

You can use kibana maps to visualize tracks. To add a tracks layer, click "Add layer", then click "Tracks". Kibana maps uses geo-line aggregation to create lines from points

Thanks Nathan!!

I had a feeling it was more obvious than I realised. I had also found the geo-line aggregation, but had missed that the Tracks layer was using it automatically.

I had also processed my own datya to have each document contain a current and prev location, and then used Point to Point layer, which also sort of worked.

And in meantime I also found:

which looks like it could be excellent guide, though I got a bit stumped with all the Fleet/elastic agent related stuff, all new stuff or me using downloaded local installs of elastic/kibana on my (one) Mac. That's something for another day.

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