Routing or Queuing happens first?

(vineeth mohan-2) #1

Lets assume , we are sending bulk request to a node and lets assume that node is not where the documents in the bulk is supposed to go , based on shard the document is mapped to.

Here what will happen first , queuing to the thread pool queue or redirecting the request ?

Also when the bulk is processed , is it again sent to the index queue or is it directly processed ?

(Adrien Grand) #2

Routing happens first. Queuing happens on the node where the document is supposed to get indexed.

(vineeth mohan-2) #3

Hello Adrien ,

So if i get it right , when a bulk request happens , its is divided into individual index requests and forwarded to the right nodes without pushing the data to queue right.
If this is so , i was wondering if there are huge number of bulk requests wont the machine go out of resource just processing this itself ?


(Adrien Grand) #4

I guess it could, but you'd need these bulk requests to be insanely large in order to trigger this issue, and most of them would be rejected at the shard level.

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