Row calculation in Enhanced Table

I am trying to calculate row in the enhanced table where I am computing row1/ Grand total i.e. 30/187 =16.04%, refer to the pic attached with post. I have tried this in enhanced table but couldn't find any such feature.
Any idea how to achieve this in enhanced table or any other alternate visual to achieve it?

Hi @Seemant_Bind . It looks like "Enhanced Table" is a third-party plugin so you may have more luck getting help at that project's repository. I will say that it looks like this feature request might already capture what you're looking for.

I would have to understand more about your data, but it is possible that a Lens datatable could provide the math you're looking for via the formula feature. You'd have to transpose your table so the columns would become rows and then do something like this for your "Percentage(row1/ Grand Total)" column (this example assumes that the numbers in your spreadsheet are sums).

You could then format it as a percentage using Lens' value format selector.

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