Ruby exception occurred: Invalid FieldReference: `eventData[logReferences]`

There was issue with lagstash version 7.X version on words.
But the my logstash script worked with 6.2.4 with out this kind of this error.


   "Versions": {
          "0.1": {
                 "eventData": {
                  "confidenceLevels": {
                            "subflow_nsa_fra": "FAILURE"
                   "logReferences": {},

working script with 6.2.4 logstash

filter {
           code => "

Here we are trying to get the logreference and making it as string, and it is working with logstash 6.2.4 , but the script is not working with 7.X version onwards.

Any help would be appreciated.

I would expect that to get an ambiguous field reference error. Try

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I tried with that, It is working, I thought it would be only for json array.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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