Ruby Filter: Getting more info for logstash.filters.ruby errors

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The Logstash 5.6.7 logging pipeline in use has about 50 conditionals inside the filter, most of them resulting in data manipulations through Ruby codes in a form

if <something> {
   ruby {
      code => ”

That works just fine but every now and then Logstash fails and it logs a cryptic message

10:00:19.809 [[main]>worker1] ERROR logstash.filters.ruby - Ruby exception occurred: can't convert String into Integer

The trouble is that none of the Ruby fragments implicitly performs a .to_i operation and the source message is not logged. file contains

log4j.rootLogger=INFO, console

Increasing rootLogger INFO -> DEBUG just jams whole logging pipeline.

Is it possible to get more information where Logstash was applying the Ruby filter and what was the source message? Thanks a lot!

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