Ruby Filter to Add Multiple Values to a Field


Due to the fact that a field is getting interpreted as a single string and attempted to be indexed into Elasticsearch as type ip (and failing due to mapping, rightfully so), I am looking to take values separated by commas, then add them to a mutli-valued field.

For example, I have a field destination_ip_orig with a value of, that has been pulled using the csv filter.

I would like to make that in to a mutli-valued field called destination_ip with the values of and

Because the number of values can fluctuate from 1 to n, I am using Ruby to iterate through the values, and add them to the multi-valued field.

I have tried:

ruby {
    code => "
        inputs = event.get('destination_ip_orig').split(',')
        for input in inputs
            event.set('destination_ip', event.get('destination_ip') + input )

...but I receive an error with regard to array and string conversion, etc.

I have also tried input as [input], and ['input'], but once I do use it that way, it just seems to concatenate the values, instead of adding them as elements to the array.

I think I have been looking at it too long. Is it something simple, or am I over complicating it?

Any help would be appreciated!

mutate will do this for you

mutate { split => { "ip" => "," } }

That did the trick! Can't believe I overlooked that! Thanks!

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