Rules not triggering alerts

I am creating so simple custom rules, which supposed to trigger alerts

  • my ELK version is 7.14
  • i have tested the query in the discover section and it retrieve a result, so the rule should trigger and alert
  • is there rule detection log or something? how to troubleshoot this issue?

Hey @john12 ,

Thanks for your question. Here are a couple things that come to mind for troubleshooting a detection rule.

Example preview

  • Check the Rule Monitoring tab to see if there are warnings or errors for your rule
Rule Monitoring

  • There are detection logs, they are written to the Kibana logs

Hello I have been having the same issue with 7.14.1 while in 7.13, same rules with same logs work just fine and the alert is triggered.
It is no crazy query just event.code:"1116" which is for defender that a malware is found.
I can verify that i see it in my winlogbeat logs but the alert even though in monitoring says it is run, there are no alerts triggered.
This is a custom rule, the default ones work just fine.

Thats right, i discovered thats its a bug not solved yet


Did you check if there is any delay in receiving logs in ELK. If at the level of the Schedule rule you have Run every 5 and in additional look-back time = 1 then the rules will be applied only to the events received during the last 6 min

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Hello frank_rib, yes i did the test at the same time while the rule was checking for even 10 minutes before.

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