Running 2 instances of Logstash on Windows machine


I am trying to create a local setup with 2 instances of logstash running on windows 7 to do some validations ( this is a part of a bigger work of creating a clustered prod environment) . I tried creating a copy of logstash folder and ran through command line with -f option with different set of config files. One of the instance fails when they both try to listen on the same port . Any thoughts on achieving this setup

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Do you have identical input blocks in the two config folders? If so, then if those blocks are both trying to listen to the same port, that would explain the collision.

Have you also duplicated the logstash.yml file in the config directory? The second Logstash instance ought to have its own configuration, not just different pipeline configuration files.


Thanks for replying !

I did duplicate the logstash.yml . Basically the second instance was created by making a copy of the full logstash folder sitting on a different drive .I do have identical input blocks . So both have the same port numbers and that's the reason for collision .

Is there a way to simulate a set up of logstash running on a clustered environment - Just want to create 2 instances on my machine listening to same port 5044 where filebeats would be sending the inputs logs . Am just trying to verify how the processing happens when multiple instances run in the cluster - so a first 10 lines parsed by 1 instance and the next 10 line parsed by the 2nd instance and so on -

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In order to facilitate that, you'd have to have 2 IP addresses on your Windows machine, then configure each Logstash to bind to a different IP.

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