Running Elasticsearch in Windows PS

Hi guys! I'm running ES using Windows PS. Executing the basic
.\bin\elasticsearch.bat is working fine. But when I try to run it with configuration using -E syntax, I'm getting an error.

This is related to how PowerShell parses arguments.

You have a few different options

  1. Including a space between the switch and value

    .\elasticsearch.bat -E\temp -E path.logs=C:\temp -E
  2. Depending on the argument values, you may also need to use quotes

    .\elasticsearch.bat -E "\temp" -E "path.logs=C:\temp" -E ""
  3. Or you can quote each switch and value

    .\elasticsearch.bat "\temp" "-Epath.logs=C:\temp" ""
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Nice it works! Thanks @forloop Russ

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