Running Filebeat on Azure App Service annoying exception

I am running Filebeat as a webjob on Azure App Service and it's working fine, but I am annoyed with the exceptions it is constantly writing to the logs:
2018-06-04T11:15:16.433Z ERROR process/process.go:454 Error getting process details. pid=12796: error getting process arguments for pid=12796: ProcArgs failed for pid=12796: could not get Win32_Process WHERE ProcessId = 12796: Exception occurred. (Access is denied. )

Can I do anything to fix/stop these errors?

Thanks in advance!

Which version of Filebeat are you using?

Could you try to set metrics logging to false?

I am running the latest version 6.2.4
I will try that and update you tomorrow.


Using the setting you provided solved the issue.
Seems that filebeat running as a webjob on Azure App Service is having some permission issues.

Thank you!

I'm glad this resolved it. I still think it's something we should not log on the error level or at least only once to inform the user. Would you mind opening a Github issue for that?

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