Running two different Filebeat Versions on same input


I have currently Prod using filebeat version 1.3.2, with ES Version 2.1
I am working on implementing an environment with release 5.0

Can there be any issue running on same Application Server Filebeat version 1.3.2 and Filebeat version 5.0
which will consume the same Log file, but will send each output to a different ES Cluster.


I can use the same Filebeat 5.0 to read and send to different ES Clusters, but there will be two instances running on the same input logs.

The Registry of Filebeat services, Log Files, and more will all be pointed to different locations.



  • For 1.3.2 and 5.0 in parallel: There shouldn't be an issue as long as you use a different registry file.
  • Two Filebeat 5.0 instances: Should also not be a problem.

While the different Instances are accessing the same Log Files ?


I think it is fine to run multiple filebeat instance on same file. But then, you're using Windows right?

Yes, Windows.....

Please let us know if you hit any issue (I hope not).

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