Two filebeat service on same window server

Hello All ,

Could you please help me to know how to run to two filebeat services ( instances) on same windows server ?

i have two instances -one is running as a service but when i try to run another it is stopping other filebeat service .


Hello, thank for reaching out about running filebeat on Windows. I suspect you would need to make each Windows service unique to run two filebeat services.

Could you please let us know more about your use case run running two filebeat services on the same server? Also which version of filebeat are you running?


Hello Micheal

I am using filebeat 7.3.0

what i did is below
first filebeat service running
second filebeat service i made changes in install script where i removed first part to delete service if alraedy running .
i was able to create my own second filebeat service

in filebeat one source file is different and destination is different
filebeat 2 source and destination different
when i run both first filebeat data is visible in kibana but second not even creating index in ES

I do not know steps to change data registry for second filebeat

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