How to start multiple instances of filebeat in same host (Windows Server)?

I have downloaded the file.

Do I need to unzip the file in two different directories with a different name?
Do I need to change the name of one of the executables (filebeat.exe, filebeat2.exe)?
Do I need to change the name of one of the filebeat.yml (filebeat.yml, filebeat2.yml)?
In each filebeat.yml I need to specfify a diferent registry path for each instance (filebeat.registry.path: registry)?

To run each instance I need to execute them like this?

.\filebeat.exe -c filebeat.yml
.\filebeat2.exe -c filebeat2.yml

Is there another things that I need to do?


Why do you need to launch multiple filebeats?

for consuming logs from diferent locations in the same machine, with different configurations, like multiline patterns and exclude lines...

You can within a single instance have a lot of input with respective configurations.

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