Runtime Fields

According to documentation runtime fields are not indexed. Now if one field is not indexed then it will not searchable or queryable. but then I query on a runtime field it returned me results instead showing "Cannot search on-field since it is not indexed". why? I am understanding something wrong?

Runtime fields break that rule.


Can you please explain more?
How it is breaking that rule? Means how it is searchable even tho it is not indexed?

Hi @Swapnadeep_Mondal Welcome to the community.

Runtime Fields allow schema on read and now Elasticsearch supports that. Yes this is a big new powerful feature that's been added fundamentally changes the way you can work with data in Elasticsearch.

In short you can use runtime fields anywhere you would use a normal index fields there may be some performance impact in some cases and that would be the trade-off.

I suggest you read these and give it a try

This Blog

The Reference Docs


Give it a try...


Thank you all. appreciate it.

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