Runtime in Kibana Visualization Only (without using Index Pattern/Index Runtime Field)

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is a way to add a runtime field that is only available in a single Kibana visualization. Looking at the runtime field docs it seems possible to add the field at query execution time.

The reason for this is I want to be able to have a somewhat expensive runtime field, but don't want it to be part of an Index Pattern that others will be able to use/see, just part of the singular visualization.

That's not currently possible, but there might be some alternatives for you. You can always use Vega, as allows the full ES search API to be used. You could use a script value for some aggregations in the Aggregation-based visualizations, which is available under the Advanced JSON input.

@wylie thanks for the information I'll take a look at Vega. Would you happen to know if this is planned at all (I wasn't able to find a Kibana issue on it, but I could've just been bad at searching)? Would allow for some much more interesting visualizations without having to go deep into Vega.

I think you're right that there isn't any issue tracking this feature idea, since you're right that the Elasticsearch APIs do support this. I will ask internally to see if I've missed something.

@wylie I wanted to follow-up on this to see if there are any plans for this functionality or if a GitHub feature request should be opened?

@BenB196 You can now track the Github issue here: Local Runtime Fields - Authoring Runtime Fields without Index Patterns · Issue #103776 · elastic/kibana · GitHub, and we use feedback like this to focus our priorities.


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