S3 Filebeat Input Cloudfront Logs - handleSQSMessage failed: json unmarshal sqs message body failed


I'm trying to get the S3 input configured to ingest Cloudfront logs. Problem is, regardless of what settings I use, it runs into a log in can't process and gives me:

handleSQSMessage failed: json unmarshal sqs message body failed: invalid character 'd' in literal false (expecting 'a') 

The message is always the same so I'm guessing it keeps failing on the same message or one of a similar format.

When this happens, it stops ingesting. Filebeat does not crash or give an error or anything. It just stops and logs are filled with:

2020-07-02T22:12:01.687Z    DEBUG    [input]    input/input.go:152    Run input                                                                                                                                                     
2020-07-02T22:12:08.656Z    WARN    [s3]    s3/input.go:298    Half of the set visibilityTimeout passed, visibility timeout needs to be updated                                                                                     
2020-07-02T22:12:08.741Z    INFO    [s3]    s3/input.go:305    Message visibility timeout updated to 300 seconds                       

Here is my config. I have made it as basic as possible for testing. The same behavior is seen whether I used expand_event_list_from_field or not.

      - type: s3
        queue_url: https://sqs.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/328823170987/hotrock-filebeat-cloudfront-logs
        access_key_id: ${AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID}
        secret_access_key: ${AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY}
        expand_event_list_from_field: Records

For questions:

  1. Is there any way I can track what message it failed on? I went back to the SQS queue, but the oldest is always a normal, properly formatted JSON with a Records as the top level

  2. If we can identify the message, is there any way I can filter it before the s3 input tries to parse it as JSON?

  3. Any other ideas on what could be causing this?

Going to bump this once. Anybody ran into this issue before/successfully used filebeat for cloudfront logs?

Hello! Thanks for reporting the issue here. What is the version of Filebeat are you using? Also if you can share with us one Cloudfront log file, that would be very helpful! Thanks!

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