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I've a question about S3 output plugin which I can't find any answer in the Logstash documentation site.

Does the S3 output plugin upload logstash events over secure communication protocol?

As the events I'm uploading to S3 bucket contains sensitive information, I'd like to know is it secured over the wire just like HTTPS. Thanks in advance for any help in this question.

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After further investigation into logstash-ouput-s3's source code in GitHub, it seems like the AWS SDK used by the plugin is using SSL for communicating with the AWS API.

def setup_aws_config
# Should we require (true) or disable (false) using SSL for communicating with the AWS API
# The AWS SDK for Ruby defaults to SSL so we preserve that
config :use_ssl, :validate => :boolean, :default => true

I think this answered my question. That makes sense otherwise the secret_access_key won't be safe for sending over plain HTTP protocol.

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