S3 snapshot and restore

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I am making use of Elasticsearch version 7.10.2 and i did install the s3-client plugin and provided the credentials as mentioned in the documentations and i am able to take the snapshots, restore it as well.

There are few questions i have are:

  1. I am not able to get the exact indices names in s3, is it by design or something i need to explicitly configure? Though while restoring snapshot, it is visible.
  2. Is it taking incremental snapshot or a new snapshot based on the defined frequency?
  3. If i set delete after 365 days, will it delete the particular snapshot from s3? if Yes, then what happens if i have CRR enabled to store it in another region ? will that also be deleted?
  4. Is there any possibility to implement MFA for restore and delete ?

Looking forward for the positive response.
Thank You.

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  1. it's a copy of the directory on the filesystem, which uses the same name
  2. if it's into the same repository then it's incremental
  3. are you talking about snapshot lifecycle management
  4. nope, but interesting idea and might be worth a GitHub issue

thank you so much for the information !

I have one more question, which is like incase of multi-node setup for the elastisearch, in which node i should be installing the S3-Repository plugin?

For the 3rd point yes, i am talking about the lifecycle management.

Snapshots are cluster wide so all nodes need to participate, meaning you need to install and configure it on all nodes.

So in case of 1 master and 1 data node architecture, do i need to setup in both of the node and take individual backups, stored into separate s3 buckets?

You need to set it up on both nodes but snapshots are taken for the cluster, not per individual node. It does not matter if you have 1, 2 or 100 nodes - a snapshot covers the full cluster.

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