Safeguard / Circuit-breakers to prevent accidental deletion of a large number of documents

We have a couple of clusters where it is extremely hard to re-ingest data again.
Some of them use nested docs, some don't.
But all of them want to use DBQ (Delete By Query).

But deletion-by-query is a bit scary feature since it relies absolutely on the query being foolproof.
If by chance a wrong query is executed, then those documents will get deleted.

Is there a setting to limit the number of documents being deleted in a single DBQ?
Say something like:

safeguards.delete.max.percentage = 25
safeguards.delete.max.count = 10000

So if a DBQ tries to delete more than 25% of documents or more than 10,000 documents, then ES will raise an exception to the user trying to run the DBQ.

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