Same query, different systems, one times out

Hi all...

I'm seeing a strange problem with a pretty straight forward query. I'm doing a filter and query, filtering on non-analyzed string field and querying on string fields with fuzzy matching.

On my DEVELOPMENT machine the query runs and completes in about 1s, on our production machine it takes more than 30seconds.

I'm not seeing any errors in the logs or any warnings. The ES datasets are replicated from the same base data so the data is the same.

Where can I start looking for ways to resolve this?


Further info.

I have 3 different Ubuntu servers and my windows DEV machine. On WINDOWS and 2 Ubuntu server the query runs fine. On the other machine it times out.

Could this be an index corruption?

Does the production machine have more or different data? Fuzzy queries in particular are dependent on the data in the system. Though it is hard to do more than guess without an example of the query and the documents in the system.

The production machine has the same data as the DEV and other PROD systems. I'll upload a query sample and doc template ASAP

Apologies Nik.

I wanted to extract the query this morning, however the fault is no longer appearing. Over night I re-indexed all the data related to the area referenced by the query and that appears to have resolved the problem.