SAN Storage Elastic Search

Hi All

In the process of installing a ES setup but want to see what the current opinion on SAN storage is?

We have been looking at creating a cluster of 3 nodes with about 2x 12cores, 64GB Ram, and about 2TB of disk ( SSD/ NVMe), - well that's what we have been recommended if it is a Physical Linux server.

My question is the rest of the environment is running on a VMware host cluster with a Compellent SAN on 8G FC.

The SAN consists of 20TB SSD ( 1.92TB disks ) and 122TB 7.2K ( 8TB disks) in the SAN -

Being a Compellent it has auto tier-ing etc but the idea would be to Pin the ES servers to the SSD Tier.

Are we likely to see any major problems ?
as we see that the recommendations seem to be a physical server with direct attached disk.

Many thanks

It should work. I've used SAN storage for Elasticsearch in a past life and it was ok.

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