Sanitize querystring query

Could you, please, help me on sanitizing the query? I prefer python


What is the question?

I'm asking for a python code that sanitizes the user input before parse it to the querystring query

For instance, using this query:
will fail

I don't know if this query has any security concern but will be nice if the sanitization process could have this in mind

Why not using a simple_query_string query instead?

As soon as I can migrate my servers to 5.x
But this will solve my problem and I plan to upgrade'em soon

Thanks David!!!

simple_query_string exists in previous versions as well. Which one are you running?

Using 1.7

This query exists in 1.7:

Wow! Nice!
I will bet that I was checked this out but will lost like a champ

I'll try it, thanks a lot!!!!!!

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