Save and Share capability for Graph

Just started to use the ELK stack for evaluating graph for our use-case. Overall able to feed the data into ES through Logstash from CSV input and visualize in graph. Couple of concerns:

There is no Save capability in Graph.
There is no Share capability in Graph. Consider this being used by a team of analysts and they want to save and share their finding with others in the team
In an advanced setting, where multiple fields were chosen different icons, they do not show up in the graph. They all show with a same round shape and colour
Do you suggest to use the API and build our own UI for the users or Will the Kibana UI become more mature in future releases.

Good stuff!

I'm actively working on this for version 5. It will support saving of config choices (fields/icons etc) and the vertices and links in your graph.

Each saved graph will have a unique URL which can be shared. I have a prototype that exports to a GraphML file too for those without access to Kibana but I'm waiting on some design work for a standardised way for Kibana apps to present export/share features.

I'm curious to hear more about this issue - I've not seen this so it may be that your settings are not finding any matching terms for the fields that have this problem.

Will the Kibana UI become more mature in future releases.

Yes, the Kibana UI is in active development. However, if you choose to build your own UI the back end API is exposed and you can use the likes of Linkurious or Keylines to develop a bespoke application.


Thanks a lot for the response.