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Hi everyone,

I'm taking the first steps in elasticsearch and I have a question.

I have an index with the sales of my company and the respective sales days.

I need to add up all the sales per month and make a chart to see the evolution over time.

Is it possible to save the results of sales per month in a different index so that I can make the chart?

Should I do it in other way?

Thanks you in advance

(David Pilato) #2

Why not just querying elasticsearch? It has the data.

Just run a date_histogram aggregation and you're done.

(Aboullaite Mohammed) #3

I think that you can use the Reindex action in curator to acheive this:


Yes, that is a possibility. The thing is, if I want the accumulated sales through the time. In this case, is it still possible with the histogram? Thanks for the answer


I will see that. Thanks very much

(David Pilato) #6

So? A sum? There is a sum aggregation indeed.


Exacly what I needed. Thanks very much

(system) #8

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