Save field parameter is not valid

I am using elk 6.3
i have downloaded dashboard to test environment and i get save field parameter is not valid throws .

I checked the individual visualization and actual field name is not listed.
issue is in index patterns all fields have duplicates with suffix keyword
for eg
it has => string , searchable => string , searchable, aggregatable

due to this existing visualization are invalid as aggregate field in dashboard is not valid now and only you can use in aggregation .

How can i resolve this ? recreated index patterns still have same issue

hi @vijay_kaali, what version of beat are you running in this case? When you mean you downloaded the dashboard, what were the steps? Is this a built in dashboard or a custom one?
Also is the actual message "Saved "field" parameter is now invalid. " instead of " Save field parameter is not valid"?
Can you just replace with in the visualization? Does this fix the issue for you? If so, you can update the visualization as a workaround.

i solved my modifying my index template .

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