Save shop timing in elasticsearch

I have a situation to save a shop timing in elastic-search. For example there is a shop have a timing like this

Monday : 7am-2pm , 4pm-8pm
Tuesday : 7am-2pm , 4pm-8pm
Wednesday : 7am-2pm , 4pm-8pm
Thursday : 7am-2pm , 4pm-8pm
Friday : 7am-2pm , 4pm-8pm
Saturday : 7am-2pm , 4pm-8pm
Sunday : closed

I have to save this timing and perform a search like which shop is open or which shop is closed.

For example If user searches on Monday at 7:04am The status of the shop is OPEN and if user searches at 2:10pm the status of the shop is BREAK and if user searches at 9:00pm the status is CLOSED.
Any best approach how to find the status of the shop will help me.


This is built for that need.

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