Saved Objects & Spaces Slow - Kibana 7.3

-Kibana 7.3
-X-Pack Auth enabled
-Multi-tenant environment
-Hundreds of Spaces

Symptoms - Kibana is fast. However, saving an object (like a search) can take upwards of 45-60 seconds. Creation of a new Space takes a similar amount of time. However, if we create the space manually via ES (not through Kibana), (POST .kibana)/_doc/space:dynamic-test-2 etc), the space is created very quickly. Why is doing the same thing in Kibana much slower than doing it directly to ES? Is there anyway we can speed up space creation and object saving in Kibana? Thank you!


This may be a bug related to having hundreds of spaces. Can you share this as an issue to the Kibana GitHub repository.

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