Saving payload but not position and offsets

I have a custom analyzer that uses delimited_payload_filter to store payloads. I was wondering if there was a way to only store the payloads but not position and offset in order to save space. If I use 'term_vector': 'yes', I can't see the payloads at http://localhost:9200/bow/image/0/_termvectors , if I use 'term_vector': 'with_positions_offsets_payloads' I can see them but also positions and offsets which I don't need. Is there a way to only store the payload? Thanks.

try 'store_term_vector_payloads': true instead of 'term_vector': ... I am not 100% sure but I think this would imply positions too but would't require offsets, I'd need to dig into the code to find out about that on the termvector end. In docs, positions are required to store payloads since they are per position data

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