Saving vector with historical data

Hello Guys
I'm just started with ES but I need to practice ES on my real context. Because we made ES to keep our SNMP Trap data, then consequently we want to use ES for saving SNMP GetBulk response.

I collect historical counters from equipment by my own application. I get is as a vector of integer values correlated with time in the past where each value represent historical counter value related to 15m historical interval. In example 8;6;36;0;0;156;0;0;4;0;99;0 tells me: value 8 was counted in time range < T0; 15m>, next value 6 was counted <T0-15m; 215m>, and <T0-215m; 3*15m>, ... Of course, I know T0 time.

I would like to save such vector to ES in effective way to draw it on KIBANA charts and show historical behaviour of Lost15m counter.
First, simple idea is to separate each value of vector into single value, add historical timestamp and save it as separate document. This is simple solution, but needs some processing, before save action. Maybe you know more "elegant" solution.

In ES Reference I found I can use nested datatype: "Internally, nested objects index each object in the array as a eparate hidden document...". It looks like my simple idea performed in automatic way.

But how my POST body should looks like? Could you advice or redirect to existing post, please?

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