Saving windows paths that start with capital letter that is escape character

I would like to save windows paths in elastic search and get an exception.

Here is what I do:

Create new index:
PUT test1

Put Mapping of index is:

PUT test1/type1/_mapping
  "properties": {
    "name" : {
      "type": "string"

I have the following path C:\temp\RDATA\test
When I try to index the following document i get and exception:

PUT test1/type1/0
  "name" : "C:\temp\RDATA\test"

"json_parse_exception: Unrecognized character escape 'R' (code 82)\n at [Source:; line: 2, column: 22]"

I can escape it by adding "" but then i get the json field value with double "".
This audit files data so i want it to be saved as it arrived without any changes.
The issue does not happen when i have path that starts with lower letters such as "\r".
How I can save the path exactly as I want?

Thanks in advance,

Please format your code using </> icon. It will make your post more readable.

You can try with \\ instead of \.

Remember that elasticsearch stores your document as you sent it.
So when you get it back, you'll have the escaped version.

I tried but then it is saved as double.
I don't want to change the original text.
I want to save only one \.
Is it possible?

I don't believe so. To me it would be an incorrect JSON document but I might be wrong.