Scale an elasticsearch+xpack single node to a 3 node cluster

Hi all,

W have a single ubuntu 16 machine running elasticsearch (+logstash +kibana) with x-pack enabled, we want to add 2 more machines to this cluster so all will act as masters.

What is the procedure to do this?

I was thinking on something like this:

  1. Installing 2 more machines with elasticsearch + x-pack + <ALL OTHER PLUGINS>
  2. Using same elasticsearch.yml file (and any other configuration file from 1st machine), change on all files the following:
  • [_local_] to [_site_]
  • discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 2
  1. Re/start elasticsearch on all nodes

This is only for making elasticsearch work on all nodes, logstash and kibana will move later on to their own machines

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