Scale numbers that ES stack can handle


We are planning to use ELK for one of our product. I need scale numbers where ELK supports for a given hardware.

It would be great help if you can give me hardware and scale numbers for ELK production set up

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This is very vague.

What do you want to do?


I have QA environment, where i want to set it up same for production.

For everyday , my application produces 5 GB log, what would be the min ELK conf required?

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What are your retention and query requirements?


retention is 45 days , we do have dashboards for all exceptions , errors , end 2 end flows.

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Well how much does QA hold? If you know that you can extrapolate out.


hmm..We don't have much data in QA environment, hence we need this.

If you have any standard approximate numbers also would help us.

Thanks in advance

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