Scale out logstash server and configure the output in the Fleet UI


I have 1 logstash server configured and 1 fleet server.

I now want to scale out logstash by 1 more server.

The Elastic Agent have client side support for loadbalancing between multiple logstash servers:

    hosts: ["logstash-server1:5044", "logstash-server2:5044"]
    loadbalance: true

My doubts are when it comes to configure the Fleet->Settings ->Outputs section:

I have my existing logstash 'logstash-server1' configured here.

Do I simply under the "Advanced yaml configuration" specify the

    hosts: ["logstash-server1:5044", "logstash-server2:5044"]
    loadbalance: true

and that would take care of the loadbalancing :man_shrugging:?

"logstash-server2" have the same ssl/tls configuration as "logstash-server1" of course.

my reference is the official guide here, except I am missing a step by step guide here and google is getting tired of me now :wink:

I really appreciate any hints, links, guides from you guys.


solved :heavy_check_mark:

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