Scaleup (adding CPU) of ES node

I have requirement to add CPU to elastic search ,was looking into the specific document.Is it possible to add CPU to exisiting elastic search .New to elastic search but concepts are saying NO.Am I right or can v add more CPU cores?

I guess that depends on where you have Elasticsearch deployed. Please provide some more information about your cluster.

Thanks Christian for quick reply .its elastic search nodes and not a podd .Is it something like ----http://localhost:9200/_cat/nodes
Output :: "IPaddr 21 97 1 0.03 0.04 0.00 mdi *
wIll it help

In general you can add more CPU to an Elasticsearch node. I think, what @Christian_Dahlqvist wants to say is that while Elasticsearch won't have a problem with it, it depends on where you are running your node if e.g. the underlying operating system or cloud solution is able to provide more CPU.

Thanks Thomas .I think for cloud solution,let me do my homework on that!!

So over all: Adding more CPU is no problem for the Elasticsearch service. To answer in more detail we need more information.

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We are running on some VMs .If I want to add more CPU, may I know the reference or doc.So tht i will help us to do and I can close this chat .Thanks for the kindly uspport

I don't think, there's an official guide on how many and what CPUs are to be used on which platform. Here's a rather old article with some insights: (As it is old, please don't just follow it but use it as a starting point)

Maybe @Christian_Dahlqvist has more insight?

Elasticsearch will use what CPU resources are available and adapt size of threadpools automatically, so just restart the VM with more CPU allocated. Before doing this it might be wise to look into whether you are limited by CPU or not as it quite often can be disk performance that is the limiting factor.


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