Scaling ElasticSearch Vertically

Our team plans to scale our ElasticSearch cluster vertically.

I was wondering what optimal configuration of the cluster would be best for us (for instance the number of nodes, number of shards and replicas)?

Our current system specs are 2.6 GHz with 20 cores, 132 GB RAM, and 10 TB drive. Current size of indexes per day are between 40 GB and 200 GB.

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There's not much point in this, the heap should really only be 30GB.

Basically I have multiple instances running to take advantage of the memory, so basically I have 3 instances currently running on the same box talking to each other. Since Logstash is indexing data at large amounts per day, I was wondering if adding more instances would benefit performance on search the data in ElasticSearch?

Possibly/probably, you'd have to check based on your use case and the specs of your hardware.