Scatter Plot with drop down box in kibana

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I am trying to design a scatter plot with vega. I want a drop down box to choose the values for both x-axis and y-axis, which on choosing would change the scatter plot accordingly. But i tried with the examples given in "", it seems that i could only get the drop down menu with an empty plot.

Initially i was using vega-lite to display the scatter plot which was fine but after i added the code to add drop down box , the scatter plot gets removed and only the drop down box remains.

Here is the script:

"$schema": "",

"signals": [
{ "name": "y-axis", "value": "_source.MeanWindSpeed",
"bind": {"input": "select", "options": ["_source.MeanWindSpeed"]} },
{ "name": "x-axis", "value": "_source.Status",
"bind": {"input": "select", "options": ["_source.Status"]} },
{ "name": "nullSize", "value": 8 },
{ "name": "nullGap", "update": "nullSize + 10" }

data: {
url: {
%context%: true
index: s164_dfig_47_040105
body: {
size: 10000,

    _source: ["Status", "MeanWindSpeed"]
format: {property: "hits.hits" }


mark: {type: "point"},

encoding: {

x: {
  field: _source.Status
  type: nominal
y: {
  field: _source.MeanWindSpeed
  type: quantitative
color: {
  // Make the color of each point depend on the _source.extension field
  field: _source.Status
  // Treat different values as completely unrelated values to each other.
  // You could switch this to quantitative if you have a numeric field and
  // want to create a color scale from one color to another depending on that
  // field's value.
  type: nominal
  // Rename the legend title so it won't just state: "_source.extension"
  legend: { title: 'Load Case Result' }
shape: {
  // Also make the shape of each point dependent on the extension.
  field: _source.Status
  type: quantitative


Thanks in advance..

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Nirajan Shrestha

@nyuriks can we please get some help here?


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