Score and sorting in elastic search

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Dear All,

I want to display best possible results for search text such as san and $an.
I am following below code, where i am searching for san and $an, currently
in elasticsearch server i do have value stored as San Soda,San Cisco and so
I have replaced s with $, because we are searching in 2 ways. I wanted to
fetch the result related to san first on the top then for $an and rest in
the bottom as alphabetically but this is not happening with this code

$result = $es->search(array(
"query" => array(
"dis_max" => array(
"queries" => array(
0 => array(
"field" => array(
"name" => 'san'
1 => array(
"field" => array(
"name" => '$an'
"from" => 0,
"size" => 100000,
"sort" => array (

Any help is very much appreciated.


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