Score discrepancies under DFS

The issue we're having is that the same query returns different scoring results, even under the DFS search. Is that to be expected even in this case?

A bit more background. The search itself is a bit broad at the moment, which I think might be messing with scoring enough to affect the pagination results . This is how the issue came to be: we're not getting consistent results with pagination due to order of the results varying from query to query.

The search is a single field (there CAN be additional filters applied, but they are not enforced), and the search is performed across about 10 different fields. Dataset is in 10s thousands. Setting explanation to true revealed that different nodes indeed are being queried - but I thought in DFS it shouldn't matter?

Thank you!

Edit: ES version 1.7 (I think). I know. We're upgrading to 6.0 in next few months.

Is it possible that the sheer quantity of fields we're searching the term against is messing with the score enough for this to matter?

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