_score:"-Infinity" with version 7.6.2, _score:null from version 6.8.2

Hello! I'm in process of trying to upgrade a production cluster from 6.8.2 to 7.6.2
Everything looked good, but as soon as one node was v7.6.2, I started to get json parsing errors from the go olivere library.
It seems our constant score queries which return null for _score are now getting "-Infinity", which go json parsing doesn't like. This only happens in production; everything is perfectly happy locally.
Both locally and in prod the jdk being used is the bundled one.
I could generate the "-Infinity" with a very simple constant score query with one filter and an inverse date sort. The exact same query on the same cluster when there are no v7 nodes returns a null score.
I can think of several workarounds, but in case this IS a bug I wanted to report it - especially because none of the work arounds I can think of are pretty. Any advice is appreciated!

I was able to reproduce this in dev today, by doing the following-
set up a 3 node cluster of 6.8
replace node 1 with 7.6, same data dir and node name
replace node 2 with 7.6
no -Infinity
replace node 3 with 7.6
no -Infinity

My guess right now is that a cluster with a minority of v7 nodes causes this behavior.

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