Scored based on element present in array


I would like to receive a score for my documents based on whether or not a value is present in an array, not on how many other values are in the array.

I have the query:

  "query": {
    "multi_match": {
      "query": "woody",
      "fields": [

This query returns the correct documents, that's not the issue. However, they receive a score based on the nr of other elements in the "brands" field. Documents with 5 brands get a score of 3.6665833, while those with 9 brands get a score of 2.3022978.

I know a valid reply would be "then what do you want the score to be?" My real query is a bit more complicated, with other things that influence the scoring as well. So in this simplified query, I would like all results to have the same score (since I don't want the nr of elements in the array to matter).

How can I accomplish this?

elasticsearch - elastic search array score - Stack Overflow is what I found online wrt. to your question. From the article:

If you do not want to account for field length (fieldNorm) during the scoring you could disable norms for a field in the mapping.

Hope this helps,