Scoring/Relevance Tuning: Accessing Explain API from hosted instance


I work for a website that uses a B2B Commerce product information management system through optimizely. Though the site uses elasticsearch, it is explicitly mentioned in the documentation that the explain API is unavailable to Optimizely customers.

If I wanted to simulate our cluster locally, what information would I need to ask optimizely for?

Optimizely includes a scoring breakdown API call that can be pulled but is not comprehensive enough. Right now I am considering setting up a local cluster to run relevance testing off the site and to prototype an implementation of something like the explain API to use internally since no support for that API is planned.

We are customers, and I need to communicate our needs to them properly- my thoughts are that developers more experienced with the elastic-stack have more insight.

Would a copy of our node be sufficient, or a JSON image of that nodes mappings? I do not know if they would consider granting me access to our cluster through Kibana, which might be the way to go. Are there features that do what I am asking for?

Let me know what you think, and thank you for the read!

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