Script Query Error- unable to find on disk file script


I have created one script file (query2.groovy) containing following content.

_agg["tempArray"] = [];

I have saved this script in some diff folder outside ES (other than config/scripts) on the same server. I am calling this script from query but getting error "Unable to find on disk file script". Below is the query.

"query" : {
"match_all" : {}
"aggs": {
"expected_revenue": {
"scripted_metric": {
"init_script" : {
"file": "/home/test_user5/apm_105658/query2",
"lang": "groovy"
"map_script": "if (doc.metric_name.value == "processor(_total)-% processor time") { _agg.tempArray.add(doc.metric_value.value*10); } ",
"combine_script": "exRevenue = 0; for (i in _agg.tempArray) { exRevenue += i }; return exRevenue;",
"reduce_script": "exRevenue = 0; for (j in _aggs) { exRevenue += j }; return exRevenue;"

Is it mandatory that script should be present in config/scripts folder. Please help in resolving this issue.

Yes, all scripts must be placed in config/scripts. This is for security so that the file access footprint of Elasticsearch is as small as possible.

Thanks for the confirmation.

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