Scripted field to calculate a machine score

Hallo !!!
i want to write a scripted field that can calculate a machine score in kibana.. Please any idea how i can resolve it.
Thank you in advance.

A scripted field can use all data which is stored in a single document (no cross-document calculations). What exactly should your machine score do?

I would like to have something like in the screenshot image

  • Machine score : quality indicator for machine performance and health

Scripted fields are a low-level technology which allows you to do calculations based on multiple fields within a document. It doesn't offer formulas like machine score out of the box. You will need to come up with a formula based on the fields you have, then I can help you transforming it into a scripted field.

thank you Very much for the answers. the follow values are used to show a machine score visualisation.

This looks like a splunk expression - I'm not too familiar with them, but it looks like machinescore is just a regular field in your data, so you wouldn't need to do anything special, just do an average of the MachineScore field.

To do the over time comparison, make yourself familiar with the TSVB visualization: TSVB | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic

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