Scripted fields in kibana



how to create scripted field for my logs in kibana. I need to create field for trace.
MY log example is shown below.

{“@timestamp”:29T03:45:00.000+00:00","severity":"INFO","service":"trackservice","trace":"f83d0eaddee54359","span":"eaddee54359","parent":"","exportable":"false","pid":"1","thread":"pool-4-thread-1","class":"c.m.r.p.trackerService.Tracker","rest":"Now Tracker Service started !!!!!!!!!"}


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Do you mean you want to extract that field?




like this i want,with the name trace


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You need to do that before index time, doing it afterwards is super difficult and expensive.


can you please help me how to do it before indexing.

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How are you sending the data to Elasticsearch?


Iam using filebeat and logstash.

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Then it might be worth making a topic in #logstash with your config and a sample doc :slight_smile:

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