Scripted fileds label

Hi :slight_smile:
as you can see in above picture i have to use "doc[''].value" in script to use it in url. but in label i want to show to be more user can i show in label Template?

hi @Mehran_Arefkhani,

that's a sneaky one :wink: No, you won't be able to do that. The label template allows you to plug in the value of the field (in this case, but not put in a different value altogether.

Is it possible that in your Script, you would just concatenate both the value and the id, and wrap that concatenated value in the template?

tnx for your reply :).
yeah i can concatenate"_" but if i do template label will be some things like this "n1_f41251122231dfsd"
do you mean this?

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