ScriptedField - Only part before comma is taken

(Torsten) #1

I added a scripted field to my index with name Drift using painless:
Name Language Script
Drift painless doc['NumberValue'].value

The attribute NumberValue has float values. The scripted field shows only the part before the comma

When I do the same with another float attribute the scripted field shows the hole float number.
How can I troubleshoot this error?

Thank you for your support

(Stacey Gammon) #2

Strange. What does your number format look like? It should work with the default, but if not, perhaps try specifying the Number format and make sure there are 0's after the decimal point.

(Torsten) #3

Hi Stacey,
thank you for your answer.

I already tried this but still I have the problem
Drift and NumberValue are both defined as Number with below Format

(system) #4

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