Scripting field combining 2 fields

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I want to create a scripting field with the combination of two fields and use in a Visualise graph.

so that I can use two fields in one bucket.

columns (A & B) are togeather unique
trying to achive Logic like :- select count() form logs(kibana) where APIName(column A) =’xxx’ and APIVersionName =’x.0.0’ group by status code

Thanks for your help in advance

(Tim Roes) #2

Hey Rajinia,

you can create a scripted field, with the following painless script:

doc['APIName'].value + '_' + doc['APIVersionName'].value

That way you would get a field containing the name and the version in one field. If you use this you can now split up your buckets according to each name-version pair.

Hint: If this is a common use-case that you want to visualize over in your data, I would recommend you to add a field with that value at indexing time (e.g. modify your logstash config to add it, or whatever tool you are using). Adding it at indexing time will result in a way better performance, than scripted fields.


(Rajini) #3

Thanks, Tim

Is there any way I can get a graph only for a specific API like " where API name =='aa' or API name =='bb'

(Tim Roes) #4

Yes, you can. Just add a filter on top of the visualization editor:


If you save that visualization, that filter will keep attached to it, meaning if you place it on a dashboard it will still just show the results for that API you filtered it for.

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