Scripting in java


I'm trying to play with scripting (in java) and that's not obvious to me

1/ The smallest example don't compile due to doc().field not found

public class Ex2ScriptFactory implements NativeScriptFactory {
public ExecutableScript newScript (@Nullable Map<String,Object> params) {
return new Ex2Script(params);

public class Ex2Script extends AbstractSearchScript {
public Ex2Script(@Nullable Map<String,Object> params) {
String afield = (String)params.get("field");
DocLookup docLookup=doc();

public Object run(){

javac -cp ./elasticsearch-1.0.1/lib/elasticsearch-1.0.1.jar
scripting/ex2/ cannot find symbol
symbol : method field(java.lang.String)
location: class

It the same with e.g. doc().numeric(...)

Do I miss something ?

2/ More 'high level' question
giving a set of documents (events), I'd like to iterate over them to
compute values and provide new fields
Is this acceptable in elasticsearch, is scripting available for that ?
(for example to compute the duration between two events)

Best regards

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