Scroll by indices mask fails

I've posted this here already, but with no luck..

I'm using this scroll API query to search multiple indices:

-XPOST activity_stats*/type1,type2,type3/_search?scroll=1h -d '--some query data--'

it gives me required amount of records, but following request


returns 404 error:
array(6) {
string(25) "index_not_found_exception"
string(13) "no such index"
string(14) "index_or_alias"
string(11) "bad-request"
string(4) " na "
string(11) "bad-request"

Elasticsearch version 5.1.2

Some notices:

  1. Curl syntax is used for clarity, actually it's php script
  2. $scrollId is valid
  3. I have indices named like activity_stats_week_1, activity_stats_week_2 etc

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