Scroll Request with Condition

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Let's say my Scroll request contains a condition / filter that matches 100 documents. Once I start scrolling, say there was one more record added to the index that meets the condition / filter passed in the scroll request.

Would the scroll result include that new document that was added before the scroll completed? Basically, would it return 100 or 101 documents?

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

The results that are returned from a scroll request reflect the state of the index at the time that the initial search request was made, like a snapshot in time. Subsequent changes to documents (index, update or delete) will only affect later search requests.

As outlined in. the documentation, it works on a snapshot, so would return 100 documents.

(Animageofmine) #3

Awesome, thank you for the confirmation.

Just curious, what happens to Create, Index and Delete operations while scroll is in progress? How are these handled under the hood?

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